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Serving Milwaukee Area Homeowners for Over 20 Years!

Bath Planet of Milwaukee offers renovation services and new showers in Greater Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. Our top-quality showers will transform your space seamlessly. We offer our pristine services at a fraction of the cost, with the potential of having it done in just a day. Choose from a wide range of striking colors and designs, including barrier-free and neo-angled showers, to curate a personalized bathing space that reflects your taste. Enhance your shower with our various accessories such as built-in seating, shelving units, and grab bars. Our materials prevent mold and mildew growth and are resistant to dents and cracks, ensuring your shower’s beauty lasts for years. Don’t wait for the bathroom of your dreams. Call us now to schedule your bathroom remodeling consultation.

lady walking in new shower

Professional Shower Remodeling

We offer comprehensive shower remodeling that meets all your needs. Our team is delighted to offer you an extensive range of options for your shower remodel, each designed to enhance your comfort and convenience while seamlessly blending with your existing home décor. From an array of colors and patterns to varying shower bases and wall surrounds, we will turn your bathroom into a personal sanctuary. Not only do we ensure a smooth and speedy remodel that can be completed in as little as a day, but we also provide you with products made of high-quality, multi-layer acrylic that resists wear and tear and is easy to maintain. Say goodbye to grime, mold, and mildew, and say hello to a refreshed revitalized bathroom experience.

Complete Shower Replacement

If your shower is outdated or not serving your needs, we are here to revolutionize your bathing experience with our expert shower replacement services. Our team of professionals works efficiently to minimize disruption to your routine while providing you with a bathroom that reflects your unique style and needs. We offer a multitude of shower options that range from barrier-free showers and shower bases to a variety of door styles and accessories designed to accommodate your specifications. We also ensure the longevity and quality of our showers by using multi-layer acrylic that resists daily wear and mildew growth. This ensures that maintaining your shower’s allure is a breeze, requiring no tough scrubbing or bleaching.

Purchase a Brand-New Shower

Elevate your bathing experience with a brand-new shower installation. Whether you’re renovating your home or simply updating your bathroom, our shower installations offer a significant return on investment. Our state-of-the-art process ensures swift installations in as little as one day. We’re proud to offer top-of-the-line products backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal and a two-year limited warranty. Our showers are fabricated from multi-layer acrylic designed to resist chips, cracks, and dents for lifelong durability while easily maintaining its sleek appearance. To personalize your bathroom renovation, choose from various styles and color options along with custom accessories like multi-layer corner shelving and rain showerheads. Our showers are low-maintenance, resisting mold and mildew growth to ensure a clean, safe showering environment.

Premium Shower Bases

Step into a sparkling clean, beautiful shower every day with our quality shower bases. We offer affordable solutions for upgrading your shower. Our shower bases are meticulously designed to cater to your unique needs and are a perfect fit for your existing bathroom. You can choose from a traditional single-threshold shower tray or opt to enhance accessibility with a barrier-free shower floor. Crafted out of tough, multi-layer acrylic, our shower pans ensure durability and an ever-lasting sleek appearance. The non-porous, grout-free design makes maintenance exceptionally easy, providing you with a healthier and cleaner shower experience. Our shower bases come in a variety of colors and styles, customizable to reflect your personal style.

Custom Shower Wall

Tired of tirelessly scrubbing your shower only to be left with the same unsightly stains? We can reinvent your bathroom without the hefty price tag. Choose from a myriad of colors, patterns, and styles to design the shower of your dreams. We use premium acrylic and triple-seal technology, guaranteeing a watertight seal and a shower that can withstand everyday use with ease. Our expert installation process can overhaul your shower environment in as little as a single day. Each surround is carefully fabricated to suit your existing space perfectly, from color schemes to unique accessories like specially designed shower shelving. Our durable acrylic ensures resistance against cracks, dents, and chips. Plus, its non-porous nature effectively combats the growth of mold and mildew and wards off dirt and grime, making it low maintenance.

Barrier Free Shower

Upgrade your shower experience with our barrier-free showers that combine accessibility and style! Say goodbye to high shower walls – our low-barrier design ensures easy access and wheelchair accessibility. Perfect for those with limited mobility, these showers offer independence without compromise. Bath Planet of Milwaukee provides cost-effective and time-efficient installations for handicap showers, with remodels ready in as little as a day. Our custom barrier-free shower bases ensure a perfect fit, complemented by accessories like built-in seating, grab bars, and customizable shelving. Crafted from tough acrylic, our showers maintain a sleek look for years, resisting cracks, chips, or dents.

Shower Doors and Rods

Customize your bathing space with our range of shower doors, rods, and finishes. Choose from brushed nickel for a modern look or oil-rubbed bronze for a striking contrast. Enhance your shower experience with clear, rain, glue chip, or obscure glass finishes. Our Platinum brand offers various door types like bypass sliders, swing doors, and S-curve bypass doors. Select from straight or curved shower rods for space efficiency. At Bath Planet of Milwaukee, we simplify bathroom remodeling with top-quality, hassle-free solutions. Contact us for a free consultation and transform your bathroom today.

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