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Receive a FREE $60 GIFT CARD to after you receive our FREE estimate!


(Oak Creek – Fast Installation )

“I like Bath Planet and their price, and the sales representative I worked with was good. The installation team was great and the installation of my walk-in shower took a couple days as they told me. I like the final product, and the part where I walk in is my favorite feature.”


(Brown Deer – Satisfied)

“We’re satisfied with our bath remodel with Bath Planet. We like the idea of the different patterns that we used in the shower. The sales representative was very helpful and he went over everything with us very nicely. I stayed in complete contact with him up until the unit was put in. We took our tub out and we put a shower in and shower doors. The plumber that came in did an excellent job. And the people that put in the actual shower walls and the shower door were excellent. I’m very satisfied with the final product. I would recommend Bath Planet.”


(Kenosha – Listened )

“My parents have trouble standing and I initiated a bathroom remodeling for them with Bath Planet. I looked at reviews and they were good. Their salesman was perfect. He was listening to what we needed. My parents have all these kinds of bars in their house because they are in their 80s and he knew what to do. Bath Planet made a nice bathroom for my parents and they did everything right. My parents loved it and my dad said it was well worth it. Bath Planet made me happy and I would recommend it.”


(Milwaukee – Pleasant Experience)

“We had our shower replaced by Bath Planet. Someone that lived in my building had recommended them. I had a pleasant experience with their reps. They were not too pushy, not too aggressive, but always a little bit more persistent than I was, so it kept the process moving. The installation team was good as well. They were very transparent and very realistic with timeframes and giving me updates. Bath Planet did a good job. It was timely and they did exactly what they told me they were gonna do.”


(New Berlin – Satisfactory Experience )

“We had a tub to shower conversion. It was something that we wanted to do, and within the confines of our budget, Bath Planet was the best way we could find to go. I like the single panel concept. Didn’t really do the grout thing anymore, so in that regard, I like the product. I got a sufficient amount of time with their reps, and I’ve got my questions answered as I asked them, so it was a satisfactory experience. The installation team was a good crew as well. They worked pretty efficiently, pretty clean and provided a lot of information as they were going along. As I stood over them, they answered my questions too.”



(Port Washington - Friendly)

“The Bath Planet Sales Representative that I talked to was very friendly and amazing. It was a very fun experience. I was able to pick out the type of fixtures that I wanted. I wanted more of a nickel-plated and then I also wanted four shelves. The installation team were kind and courteous. They interacted and joked around with my husband. They were quick and clean. They took the old tub and tile out, and put in the new tub, surround and fixtures. The remodel has excellent quality.”

Jerry K.

(Greenfield – Great Company!)

“I bought 2 bathrooms, replacing a shower stall and replacing a bathtub. Bath Planet had an excellent salesperson and the price was right!”

Fred L.

(Milwaukee – Wonderful Experience)

“Back in April, my wife fell and fractured her pelvis. It was hard to get her into the tub. Bath planet/Milwaukee converted the tub to a shower. They were awesome!”

Bobbi T.

(St. Francis – Hardworkers)

“Bath Planet did a good job on my parents’ house. They finished the job in 2 days. Excellent overall experience.”

Jeff M.

(Franklin – Great Customer Service)

“The salesperson was friendly and personable. The installation team was very good. No complaints!”

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